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 In 2016, the team took part in FIRST, an international robotics competition. Despite being a first-year team, Triton Tech became finalists at the Orange County Regional, advancing to the World Championship in St. Louis, Missouri. The team continued to compete in a variety of regionals and off-season events, becoming finalists in both Lancaster and Beach Blitz. In 2018 and 2019, Triton Tech competed at the World Championships in Houston, Texas.


A gathering of like-minded enthusiasts founded Triton Tech in 2013 as a way to express their passion for robotics. Triton Tech, later on, registered as a club at Corona Del Mar High School. Students met at lunch to tinker with Arduino kits, quadcopters, and modular robots. Currently, Triton Tech remains a relatively small club with about 30-40 hardworking members between the grades of 7-12.

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